About Us

Hello, we’re Tully Digital

Tully Digital is a digital agency located in Atlanta. We provide WordPress maintenance for small and medium business all over the country.

Having been involved in the field his entire professional career, Owner Adam Tully and his team brings a thoughtful approach and process to client needs.


The Difference

We build websites based on the clients needs. Are you selling products? Do you want people to call your office? Follow your blog?

The understanding of how a website is conceptualized, designed, built and executed helps us build a better web experience for our clients

When you combine that along with our WordPress maintenance services, when you work with Tully Digital, we’re investing in the future of your business


Tully Digital WordPress maintenance. Safe Updates.

If you're successful, we're successful.

Clients or Teammates? 

When it comes to WordPress maintenance and web design, it’s in our best interest to see your company succeed. The saying “If you’re successful, we’re successful.” couldn’t be more true with what we do here. If we help our clients succeed, we succeed too.

Why Us? 

When you’re shopping for someone to help maintain your WordPress site or even help you build a new website, you eventually ask yourself, “Why should I pick that company over the other?”.

With Tully Digital, you’ll get the exact same treatment and work that you’d find from a typical agency, but without the agency cost. Most agencies can charge upwards of $200 per/mo for WordPress maintenance, and even a minimum of $15,000 to build a website.

How? Simple. We have a smaller team. We’ve worked in industry for years and know how to effectively execute websites as well as maintain them; work smarter, not harder.

Tully Digital WordPress maintenance. Reporting and analytics.

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