many small business still do not have a web site

A good website is the cornerstone of any online business. But while the Internet is a fact of business life, studies show that small businesses fail to adjust their strategy to harness the full power of their online presence. A report from Clutch shows that 46% of small businesses in the US (companies composed of less than 10 employees and that made less than $1 million in annual revenue) do not have a website. For small businesses not only here in Atlanta, but nationwide to thrive on the digital platform, they’ll need to rely on more than word-of-mouth to get their name out.

SMEs Resort to Traditional Means to Promote Their Business

Small business owners regard their company as an offline entity, resorting to traditional methods of winning their customers over. Both large enterprises and sole traders, however, would benefit from having a solid online presence. The SMEs Clutch included in the study cited the cost of maintaining a website as the primary factor that dissuaded them from getting a website; others noted the lack of technical know-how about building and maintaining a site; another 12% of the respondents claimed they use social media to make up for the lack of a static website.

Furthermore, about a third of the respondents believed that their business was either too small for an actual site or that it wasn’t relevant to their industry. Harnessing the web is an important business tool for companies that consider themselves primarily online, though. At least a page of online content is sufficient, as long as it describes who a company is and what they offer.

Impressive Web Design Helps Businesses Stand Out

Since nearly every consumer turns to the internet to search for information on products and services, distinguishing oneself from other competitors in their niche is critical to success. Through professional web design services, visitors can explore the services offered by a business, develop trust, and follow-through with a purchase. Since first impressions matter, visitors will decide whether they want to do business with you quickly — a process that only takes a matter of seconds, in fact.

So, while maintaining concentration in the digital world can be a challenge, excellent web design and a clear value proposition can successfully hold people’s attention for much longer.

A successful SEO campaign. In 2015, Google introduced an algorithm that takes the mobile-friendliness of a website into consideration when indexing and ranking a page. By improving your website’s UX stats, you can surge up the Google rankings and maximize your online visibility.

Maintaining brand consistency. Your brand is made up of colors, a font, and a logo that represents who you are and what you sell. With good web design, you can keep your brand message consistent across different platforms.

Enhancing the impact of good content. Professional web design and good content are a perfect combination because it can improve the way visitors process the information you give them. A clean and organized design can help the user to find the information they need easily and enhance their browsing experience.

Higher conversion rates. An organized layout makes it easier for customers to navigate your website. As long as you understand your customers and make it easy for them to accomplish what they came for on your website, then they’ll love you for it.

Effective web design matters to businesses more than ever. With the proliferation of the internet and social media, companies need to focus on the human interface to remind customers of what they stand for. Contact us today for an amazing and responsive website for your business.